At Alpha Omega Swiss we have honed our expertise in micromachining since 1980, building a skilled staff and acquiring advanced machines. Our fabrication jobshop has all the resources for quality micromachining and precision CNC machining. Alpha Omega Swiss completes successful micromachining parts and components in long or short run quantities while meeting all deadlines and standards.

Micromachining is the machining of tiny, accurate parts and devices. The need for extremely accurate yet miniature components has risen in the electronicmedical and defense industries. Alpha Omega Swiss understands the challenge of high tolerances and provides micromachining and precision CNC machining that meets the exacting standards of all industries.

We provide micromachining services to fabricate very small close tolerance parts and screw machine products. If you require extreme precision for your part machining, Alpha Omega Swiss has the experience and dedication to meet your expectations.

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precise machined screws
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